Welcome to Bonefish Bay Resort, your premier destination for an unforgettable fishing adventure on the beautiful island of Andros, Bahamas. Situated in the heart of the bonefishing capital of the world, our lodge offers unparalleled opportunities to reel in the prized catches while fly fishing the extensive saltwater flats, trolling for game fish, or deep dropping for deep sea dwellers, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, our knowledgeable guides and pristine fishing grounds are sure to provide an exceptional fishing experience.

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Experience the Thrill of Saltwater Fly Fishing in Andros, Bahamas

Prime Location: Andros Island is renowned for its extensive flats, mangroves, and pristine waters, making it an angler’s paradise. Our lodge is strategically located to grant you easy access to some of the most productive saltwater fly fishing spots in the world. With over 2,300 square miles of flats, you’ll have ample opportunities to cast your line and hook an elusive catch.

Experienced Guides: Our seasoned guides are passionate about fishing and possess an intimate knowledge of the local waters. They will share their expertise, techniques, and secrets to maximize your chances of a successful catch. Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking for a challenge or a novice eager to learn, our guides will tailor the experience to your skill level and ensure an enjoyable time on the water.

Year-Round Fishing: One of the advantages of saltwater fly fishing in Andros is its year-round availability. With favorable weather conditions and the absence of a distinct off-season, you can plan your fishing trip at any time of the year. Our guides will help you choose the best spots and techniques based on the prevailing conditions during your stay.

A Variety of Fishing Techniques: Andros offers diverse fishing environments, including flats, creeks, and channels, allowing for various fishing techniques.

The types of fish you can expect to see while salt water fly fishing in Andros:

Bonefish: Andros Island boasts one of the most robust populations of bonefish in the world. These elusive “gray ghosts of the flats” are known for their strength, speed, and impressive fighting ability. With an average size of 3 to 6 pounds and occasional giants reaching 10 pounds or more, every encounter with a bonefish is an exhilarating challenge.

Tarpon: Andros Island is also home to tarpon, a prized game fish and one of the most exciting species to pursue on a fly rod. Tarpon can reach impressive sizes and are famous for their aerial acrobatics when hooked. Hooking into a tarpon while saltwater fly fishing is a thrilling experience that requires skill, precision, and finesse.

Permit: Permit are another highly sought-after species among fly anglers in Andros. Known for their wariness and challenging behavior, permit are often considered the “holy grail” of saltwater fly fishing. These fish are selective feeders and present a unique and rewarding challenge for those who successfully target and catch them on a fly.

Barracuda: Barracuda are a common sight in the flats and mangroves of Andros Island. These aggressive predators can offer explosive strikes and impressive runs when hooked on a fly. They are known for their speed and ferocity, providing an exciting and intense fly fishing experience.

Snook: Although not as prevalent as bonefish and tarpon, snook can also be targeted while saltwater fly fishing in Andros. These powerful and cunning fish are known for their ambush-style attacks and strong fights. Catching a snook on a fly rod is a rewarding accomplishment for any angler.

Mangrove Snapper: Mangrove snapper can be found in the mangrove-lined creeks and channels of Andros Island. While they may be smaller in size compared to other species, they make up for it with their willingness to take a well-presented fly and their strong fighting abilities.

Offshore Sport Fishing

Offshore Sport Fishing in Andros: Pursue the Trophy Catches

For those seeking an adrenaline-pumping challenge, our offshore sport fishing expeditions will take you on an unforgettable quest for trophy fish.

The types of fish you can expect to catch while offshore fishing in Andros:


This toothy, agile fish can be caught all year round, both inshore and offshore. These fish are known for their explosive fighting ability as well as their scenic jumps.

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

These trophy fish hunt primarily during the day, so late morning into early afternoon are great times to fish for mahi-mahi. They love to hang out below floating debris, but the bigger of the species are found towards deeper waters, though they rarely go lower than 250 feet.


The best time of the year to fish for marlin is between the months of March and June. Whether you are after the white or blue species of Marlin, these months are peak.


This migratory species come through the Bahamas between the months of November and April each year, making this the peak time to fish. The season is particularly spectacular in Andros from January on.


Yellowfin tuna are a staple in the Bahamas, with many anglers hoping to land one while fishing for other species.

Our experienced guides will navigate the best fishing grounds, sharing their knowledge and techniques to optimize your chances of hooking the catch of a lifetime.

Deep Drop Fishing

Deep Drop Fishing: Plummet into the Depths of Excitement

Venture beyond the shallow flats and explore the deep waters surrounding Andros Island with our deep drop fishing expeditions. This technique involves dropping lines to considerable depths to target a variety of bottom-dwelling species.

Equipped with state-of-the-art gear and guided by our knowledgeable crew, you’ll embark on thrilling offshore adventures in search of prized game fish. Deep drop fishing in Andros offers a unique opportunity to explore the island’s diverse marine ecosystem and reel in impressive catches that will satisfy even the most seasoned anglers.

The types of fish you can expect to catch while deep drop fishing in Andros:

Grouper: Various species of grouper, such as black grouper, red grouper, and gag grouper, are commonly caught while deep drop fishing. Grouper are prized for their size, strength, and delicious taste.

Snapper: Snapper species, including yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, and mangrove snapper, are frequently encountered during deep drop fishing. These fish are known for their tasty white flesh and can put up a good fight.

Amberjack: Amberjack, particularly greater amberjack, are often found in deeper waters and are known for their powerful and aggressive nature. Catching an amberjack while deep drop fishing can provide an exciting challenge.

Tilefish: Golden tilefish and blueline tilefish are commonly targeted during deep drop fishing. These fish inhabit the deep ocean floor and offer a delicious reward for anglers who successfully bring them to the surface.

Mahi-Mahi: While deep drop fishing, it’s possible to encounter mahi-mahi (also known as dorado or dolphinfish) that venture into deeper waters. These vibrant and acrobatic fish are highly sought after for their striking colors and delicious meat.

Swordfish: In certain areas and with specialized equipment, deep drop fishing can also present opportunities to hook into majestic swordfish. These apex predators offer an incredible challenge and are highly prized by anglers.